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Reflective Essay

Every meeting in our life is unique.  People we meet in life give us valuable knowledge and experience. Every person we meet may be treated like our teacher, but there are people who have especially strong influence on our personality. I am thankful to destiny for big number of good people I had the chance to know and hope that in the future I will have even more chances to meet people who will help me to grow and mature, but till now my grandmother is the person who had the greatest impact on me.

 I think I am so lucky to have such a great person close to me during the period of my childhood. For me grandmother became that person who helped me to expand my views about the world and people around me. In the childhood we often read fairy-tales where the authors talk about different miracles and magic things. We dream about these things and think that our real world is boring. My grandmother proved me that our real life could be even more interesting than the one I read about in the fairy tales. My grandmother had a unique quality – she could see good things in all everything and everybody. It was she who taught me that all ordinary events can have special and even magic meaning and that every person we meet in life can be treated as friend and teacher. My grandma treated the world around her like miracle and  such an attitude became the best lesson she gave me.

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Now I know that if you are open to new positive experience you will definitely find it in life. In my life I meet a lot of people who give me valuable lessons and good experience. I learned to find joy in small things and I always will be thankful to the first person who taught me all that – my grandmother.

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