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5 paragraph compare and contrast essay

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A 5 paragraph compare and contrast essay is an essay in which you are supposed to either compare something or contrast something. Thus, a comparison shows the similarities between the two compared subjects or phenomena. In turn, a contrast shows how the two subjects are different. Before start writing a 5 paragraph compare and contrast essay, you should decide whether you will compare two objects, contrast them or both.

Adhere to the following steps when writing a comparison & contrast essay:

Decide on a topic you want to write about (compare or contrast something). Good choices might be:

- Writing and singing,
- Summer or winter;
- Computers or books.

Provide the differences and similarities between the chosen subjects. Be sure to note at least three points for comparison, and consequently three ones for contrast. Write down all the characteristics for each point. For example:





Sunny, hot, warm, heat, sizzling, blistering,  boiling, burning

Cold, white, snowy,  blustery, slippery, windy, freezing, slushy

Strictly organize your compare & contrast essay. A sample outline: Summer is distinct because…Winter is similar to summer in these ways…There are significant differences between summer and winter because…, etc.

Start writing the whole essay.  Be sure to create a strong introduction, main body and conclusion;

Go through all the similarities you find in the two compared things;

Go through all the differences you find in the two compared things;

Utilize the appropriate transitional words and phrases. For comparison: similar, like, the same as, similarly, by the same token. For contrast: by contrast, on the contrary, differ, unlike, although, etc.

Revising and editing. At the end of your work, it is necessary to read your compare & contrast essay from beginning to end. It is desirable to ask your friends or parents to look through your piece of writing to identify the parts should be revised;

Try not to use too complicated words and phrases. Do not be afraid to experiment and be as creative and informative as possible!

Following the above-mentioned rules for writing a 5 paragraph compare and contrast essay help you find success in your essay writing process.
However, if you have some difficulties with your compare/contrast essay, be sure that our company’s writers are eager to help you at any time convenient to you. We truly know how to impress your instructor with a strong and convincing compare and contrast essay

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