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5 paragraph argumentative essay

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A 5 paragraph argumentative essay is a type of research that allows you to consider a problem from different points of view.

The major objectives of a 5 paragraph argumentative essay:

1) To convince the audience to accept your particular point of view;
2) To persuade the readers to your side (in this case, a lot of attention is paid to the opposite position);
3) To clearly articulate why your position is correct and proper, and not another one.

In the course of writing, the author conducts some kind of internal dialogue (assesses statements and supporting evidence, assumptions, arguments and hidden internal conflicts), and comes to the fact that one view is more desirable than others, despite the fact that other people do not accept it initially.

An argumentative essay addresses the different types of topics ranging from the socio-political themes to the personal ones. The main thing is that you are required to provide at least two valid points of view on the investigated subject.

A typical 5 paragraph argumentative essay should consist of the following important elements:

The introductory paragraph:

- Introduce your potential audience to the topic;
- Provide your essay’s relevance;
- Make sure to present an unusual statement, interesting quote, or amazing statistics, etc. to catch the attention of the readers;
- Formulate a strong thesis statement, which you are going to support and prove in the main body of your argumentative paper.

The main body paragraphs:

- Be sure to compose the three body supporting paragraphs;
- Provide strong arguments and facts in support of the selected positions;
- The most common method is to present a statement and then further evidence as justification;
- Remember, your thesis sentence should be supported and reflected in an effective and proper way.

The summary paragraph:

- Repeat the main judgments;
- Provide one or two sentences that summarize the main arguments in favor of your judgments;
- Present a general conclusion about the usefulness of your thesis statement;
- Be careful to conclude the whole essay and bring it to a logical close.

So, these are the general rules for creating an academic, argumentative essay, which you can follow during the essay writing process.
But if you still have some troubles or misunderstandings with your argumentative essay, do not be shy to ask our writers for professional help and support. Be sure that our specialists will write a real masterpiece on your order.

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